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The Great Day Podcast with Meir Kay

After spending a decade and a half studying the depths of Torah, Kaballah, Chasidus, and Spirituality, Moshe Gersht has gifted us with a new lens on life. With his spiritual guide, It’s All The Same To Me, Moshe Gersht inspires readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived in the deep connection…

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The Fearless Now with Sam Led

On today’s episode I had the unique opportunity to chat with Moshe Gersh, talmudic scholar, spiritual teacher, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best Selling author of the book, It’s All the Same To Me.

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America Meditating Radio with Sister Jenna

Rabbi Moshe Gersht is a sought out spiritual teacher in Jerusalem and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. A student of Torah, Kaballah, and Chasidus, he shares ancient mystical and philosophical wisdom in a way that is practical, relatable, and enjoyable.

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From the Inside Out with Eda Schottenstein and Rivkah Krinsky

After performing for nearly a decade as a popular Los Angeles–based musician, Moshe moved to Jerusalem, where he has spent the last fifteen years immersed in the wellsprings of Talmud, Chassidus, Kabbalah, and Spirituality.

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Changeable with Dr. Amy Johnson

Moshe Gersht is the author of It’s All the Same to Me, a book about the equanimity we discover beyond our mind’s ideas of how life should go. This kind of equanimity or “sameness” is the exact opposite of dull, boring, or cookie-cutter. When we sense our shared oneness, the light in all things, as

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The Four Spirit Principles of Joy

Spirit Principle #1:  No-thing can make you happy! Joy is your birthright and the channel of your spirit. Like a radio, when you tune into this station, you experience your nature. If nothing were wrong in your life, you would be happy. If you didn’t judge what you should or shouldn’t be doing, if you…

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Spiritual Awakening Begins With Awareness

Influential teacher AjahnChah would say that “if you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom.” But you cannot let go until you know what you are letting…

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The Truth Underneath Reality

We all want things in our lives, whether it’s material, emotional, spiritual, we’re all looking to grow and to expand and we are looking to get to that good feeling. Behind those desires we asked ourselves, “what is the why behind the what?” What’s the desire behind the desire? What we are going to find…

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Life Is Abundant, Eternal, and a Co-Creation

There are three realities that, when we become conscious of them, can change our whole lives and help them take on new meaning. The Magid of Mezritch, considered the primary disciple of the Baal Shem Tov and one of the founders of the Hasidic movement, explains that the following three cognitive shifts brought Abraham to…

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The Three Conditions

Moshe Gersht

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