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By aligning with the three conditions: intention, joy, and certainty—you'll channel the life you've always wanted to live.

By aligning with the three conditions: intention, joy, and certainty—you'll channel the life you've always wanted to live.

Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher

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The Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller

It’s All The Same To Me

Enlightening, inspiring, and enjoyable, Moshe Gersht’s It’s All The Same To Me is a joyful and life changing spiritual guide. Discover a clear path to a higher consciousness, purpose and living with love, joy, and inner peace. A way to live in your light that builds a better world.

Thank you for your contribution to this field... Lots of gratitude for adding this contribution to the world's enlightenment

— Deepak Chopra, MD

Moshe Gersht turns spiritual truths into medicine our hearts are longing for.

— Marianne Williamson, NYT Bestselling Author of Return to Love

Gersht embodies the idea that if you’re happy, you’re helping co-create a better world, and living with that reminder is an immeasurable gift.

— Sharon Salzberg, NYT Bestselling Author of Real Happiness, Real Life, and Lovingkindness

Practical wisdom for anyone seeking personal growth and transformation…to those who are ready to awaken their inner power and create a lasting impact in their lives.

— Greg McKeown, NYT Bestselling Author of Essentialism

A welcome addition to the canon of works on intention by someone who has personally experienced the power of thoughts to create the life you are living… invaluable nuggests on how to awaken your latent power and transform your life.

— Lynne McTaggart, International Bestselling Author of The Intention Experiment

Moshe delivers with such candid transparency and vulnerability, real life practical and dynamic approaches.

— Les Brown, World Renowned Motivational Speaker

A sincerely God conscious individual who lives the true path of Torah. His book contains living Torah within it's pages and I can only imagine how much it will help the masses, especially those searching for their path to connect with God.

— Rav Asher Weiss, Author of The Minchas Asher

There is wisdom on every page of this guide to how to live a purpose-filled, meaningful life. The Three Conditions offers a short cut to enlightenment.

— Suzanne Geisemann, Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People

We live in a tumultuous time, with unprecedented stress. We are all desperate to find words of reassurance and comfort. Moshe Gersht has made us a great contribution with this book.

— Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski

Moshe points an inspiring and clear path to living with more love, joy, and peace everyday!

— David Meltzer, Author and Motivational Speaker

Spreading this wisdom in the world for others is freaking awesome. Whether people tune in to the universe for health, or wealth, or joy, it's all the same to me. I appreciate you being out there with the message.

— Bob Doyle, featured in "The Secret"

Moshe Gersht is sincere. It's a spiritual pleasure to engage with the wisdom of his mind and love of his heart.

— David Aaron, Author of Love Is My Religion

The next level! The Power of Now meets The Power of Torah. Awesome guide to real inner work and exactly what the world needs right now.

— Dov Ber Cohen, Author of Mastering Life

A dedicated scholar of Kabbalisitc wisdom, a deep and compassionate soul and teacher, Moshe is the kind of guide we yearn for - committed to revealing the unique spiritual gifts of every one of us.

— Rav Doniel Katz, Founder of The Elevation Project

Impacting, saving, helping and enriching people's lives... A must read!

— Ryan Hollins, NBA Veteran and ESPN Sports Analyst

Your book should reach millions, because millions need it.

— Rabbi Manis Friedman, World Renowned Author, Counselor and Speaker

The Two Conditions to Unconditional Happiness: TEDx Talk

There are only two things that matter in any given moment. It begins with our relationship to the universal nature of goodness and possibility. In this TEDx Talk, Moshe Gersht delivers a simple but profound formula for happiness that has life-changing ramifications. Moshe understands the true nature of the human mind and our collective struggles and has devoted his life to helping people align with their purpose, peace, and inner joy.

The answer is love.

— Moshe Gersht

Energy before action. Being before doing.

— Moshe Gersht

A thousand tomorrows will never be as good as one today.

— Moshe Gersht

Truth is where you are.

—Moshe Gersht

The love you seek to find, you are.

— Moshe Gersht

No outcomes are yours. All outcomes are good.

— Moshe Gersht

There are no mistakes in the universe.

— Moshe Gersht

You can have it all if you’re willing to give it all away.

— Moshe Gersht

It’s not that some people are lucky. It’s that some people are looking.

— Moshe Gersht


5 week Digital Course

The 5 Steps to Manifesting and Co-Creating Your Life is a Torah centric course where you'll discover exactly what you need to get in touch with the energy that creates worlds that exists within you. You are a channel of the infinite and by tapping into the space creation reality you possess your life will be filled with increased love, joy, peace, and creativity.

A thousand tomorrows will never be as good as one today. Let’s get started...

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