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Guided Meditation: Surrender Control of Outcomes

Guided Manifesting Meditation p.1 - Surrender Control of Outcomes

In this guided meditation, I guide you to let go of an old way of thinking, that everything is up to you and into a new way of perceiving, that you are co-creating you’re reality. You’ll accept the energy of things as they are and lean into the reality you desire (this is key to…

Guided Meditation: Feel Good Now

Guided Manifesting Meditation p.2 - Priority #1 is FEELING GOOD

In this guided meditation, I guide you to embrace feeling good by diving into gratitude and into your dreams. When you feel good you are in tune with the loving vibration of the universe and become a magnet for positivity in your life (again this is key to setting a manifestation in motion). This underlies…

Guided Meditation: Remove Fear and Doubt

Guided Manifesting Meditation p.4 - Removing Blocks of FEAR and DOUBT

In this guided meditation, I guide you to release the major blockages to your openness to receive, namely: Fear and Doubt. You’ll learn to let go and step into the light of your consciousness and lean into love. Listen now

Guided Meditation: Connect to Soul and Source

Guided Manifesting Meditation p.5 - Connecting To Soul and Source

In this guided meditation, I guide you back to what you truly want, namely the loving connection to the truth of who you are. The joy, love, and peace that comes with being at one with yourself. At one with the universe, and at one with God. Listen now


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