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Life Is Abundant, Eternal, and a Co-Creation

There are three realities that, when we become conscious of them, can change our whole lives and help them take on new meaning. The Magid of Mezritch, considered the primary disciple of the Baal Shem Tov and one of the founders of the Hasidic movement, explains that the following three cognitive shifts brought Abraham to God consciousness.

Life is abundant. Abraham understood that the Universe is not lacking; it is abundant. There is an infinite source of whatever we could possibly need, and life is always working for you. When I say “life is abundant,” I mean that it’s not here today and gone tomorrow; rather, it’s here today and more tomorrow. It’s like sitting at a table with seven other people and the pie is finally served for dessert, it’s the certainty and knowing that each person who takes a slice isn’t taking your slice because there is always enough.

Shifting out of a scarcity mentality, where you think there is never enough, and therefore, you have to do whatever you can to take care of yourself, allows you to embrace that the world is abundant. In every area be that health, wealth, relationships, clarity, wellbeing, inner peace, and spiritual connection. There is always enough. We are all being taken care of. Things are good and okay right now. That means you can surrender your ego to a higher power, knowing that the Universe will take care of you. You will get whatever you need for your life’s unique journey and purpose. What you have is what you need, and what you don’t have, you don’t need. Life is supportive. Life is good. Life is abundant.

Life is eternal. The next layer of understanding is knowing that life doesn’t end after death, knowing that you’re going to live on beyond this physical plane. Therefore, if there is abundance in this world, there must be infinite and eternal abundance for a world beyond this physical plane. We are on this journey heading toward an even higher good than we could even imagine. There is eternal meaning and purpose to what we are doing here, and we will experience even greater love after this life.

Life is a partnership.Co-creation: that is our journey. This is the big aha moment for Abraham when he realizes that not only is the world abundant and that we are working toward an everlasting love, but that we ourselves are part of this loving force. We have the opportunity to choose love at every moment. We can choose life. Choose to collaborate with the loving force of the world and be the good for God. You are an instrument of love. You are an instrument of peace. You are an instrument of goodness. There is no greater experience than being Godly.

The rewards of this certainty are inner peace, happiness, mental clarity, and confidence. The peace of feeling taken care of and being in good hands. Your body somehow feels lighter. You carry a deep sense of belonging. Life seems to flow easily, and serendipitous events happen all around you. With this peace, you’re not stressed out, anxious, or upset, and you have access to creative thinking and insights that you just couldn’t have reached without it. You’ll experience an inner strength and confidence to unapologetically be true to yourself, to live with intention. With this knowing, we end the fear cycle. We live with trust that everything is fine right now and is moving in the right direction.

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