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The Truth Underneath Reality

We all want things in our lives, whether it’s material, emotional, spiritual, we’re all looking to grow and to expand and we are looking to get to that good feeling. Behind those desires we asked ourselves, “what is the why behind the what?” What’s the desire behind the desire? What we are going to find is that we’re all looking for this state of wholeness, a state of grace, a feeling of goodness of joy, of fulfillment. When we come to that realization, we have to start asking ourselves, “Well, why do I feel without question that the only way to get to that joy –  to that wholeness – is by finding something in the physical world?”

Through the lens of Kabbalah we learn that there are a hierarchy of dimensions to reality. There’s the most external material and physical world, there are some energetic levels in between, finally there’s a level called connection to the source.

Most of us spend the majority of our time running out in the physical world and frantically looking for that fulfillment. Naturally, we start looking where we are. The problem is that if our view of where we are is distorted by our own ego, we can’t accurately evaluate where we are, or how to know if we arrive where we want to be. If we’re living our lives in a foggy distortion, we can almost be assured that we are primed for undesirable levels of pain.

Instead of looking out to find our wholeness, perhaps we should be looking in to find our fulfillment. Perhaps we should be looking up. We are looking for a higher mode of consciousness. The higher we climb on the ladder of consciousness, the closer we come to Truth. But what is Truth? How do we get there? How do we get to shleimus, that wholeness, that completion, that level of joy in meaning that we’re yearning for?

So, here’s the truth, and please hear me all the way out before you stop reading and walk away. The truth is, at the deepest level, everything is fine. You and I are fine. Actually, we’re more than fine. We’re good, whole, pure, and perfect. Right here, right now. And so is the world around us. The world is good. The world is on a powerful course in the right direction. Beyond all physical reality, there is a non-physical reality, a spiritual reality.

When we try to fill our spiritual desires with physical manifestations, our inner needs without our externalities, we’re always going to find the mismatch. You cannot fill your stomach with spiritual pursuits, and you cannot find inner peace in your outer world. The truth is, if you go all the way up and connect to what’s true inside of you, you’ll find a place that’s already whole, a place that’s already full, and the place that’s already inspired and alive. When you find that internal space, you open up the doorway for powerful positive energy to come into you and in turn, into your life.

I completely understand that so many of us feel that things aren’t okay. “Have you turned on the news? Look around! Life doesn’t always go the way I want it to go! People are suffering! People are dying!” I do not want to take away from the realness that people feel in their pain. However, if we’re only judging life by physical manifestations, and by physical things that are or are not happening in the world, we are going to miss the truth behind life.

There is always more going on in the non-physical world. The lack of ability to know that there is a non-physical reality and that we’re limited to the physical realm is what gives rise to all the fear in our life. If you know that you are part of something that’s immeasurable, indestructible, eternal, indivisible, infinite, if you know that you’re a part of this amazing experience called the oneness of life, in you know that you have a soul and that there’s an All-Loving and All-Good Higher Power that you’re a part of, it is this greater truth, when that knowledge is true for you that it sinks into every fiber of your being, then, at that moment there is nothing to fear.

If you don’t know that as true, and you experience yourself as separate, not connected, alone, you feel small instead of big. You feel fragile instead of indestructible. If that’s the life that we live then we’re starting from a place where we feel weak, disconnected, and lacking. When I feel lacking, I see the world as lacking. I scramble for beliefs that have some chance to help me feel better. From my vantage point of lack, the way that I experience myself and the world around me is that things are bad, lacking, broken, and separate. We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are. It’s coming into alignment with this deeper dimension of reality, which we step into by becoming present, that we start to surrender our opinions about the surface. There is a depth of love and peace that exists beneath and is available when we let go of the past and future, let go of attachments to things and conditions for our happiness, and allow life to guide us in the direction of our higher Truth.

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