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The Three Conditions

The Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller

It’s All The Same To Me

Enlightening, inspiring, and enjoyable, Moshe Gersht’s It’s All The Same To Me is a joyful and life changing spiritual guide. Discover a clear path to a higher consciousness, purpose and living with love, joy, and inner peace. A way to live in your light that builds a better world.


5 week Digital Course

The 5 Steps to Manifesting and Co-Creating Your Life is a Torah centric course where you'll discover exactly what you need to get in touch with the energy that creates worlds that exists within you. You are a channel of the infinite and by tapping into the space creation reality you possess your life will be filled with increased love, joy, peace, and creativity.

A thousand tomorrows will never be as good as one today. Let’s get started...

Work with Me!

Embark on a transformative journey with Moshe Gersht. In these personalized sessions, Moshe guides you through spiritual self-discovery, empowering growth and tackling underlying fears and blocks. Rooted in Torah, Moshe offers a unique path to personal empowerment.

Beyond personal coaching, Moshe captivates audiences with his keynote lectures, workshops, and meditations, designed to invigorate your spirit and stimulate your mind. Whether you're a spiritual novice or a seasoned explorer, working with Moshe is a chance to unlock your fullest potential and transform your life.

Your path to self-discovery and enlightenment starts here. Experience a profound connection with The Universe and your own essence with Moshe Gersht. You have the power to manifest your dreams—let Moshe guide you on this remarkable journey. Awaken your potential. Embrace inner peace. Your spiritual evolution awaits.

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The Three Conditions

Moshe Gersht

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