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Guided Meditation: Co-Creating Your Desires

Guided Manifesting Meditation p.3 - Co-Creating Your Desires

In this guided meditation, I guide you to touch on the 5 steps to manifesting and co-creation which I discuss more in depth in part three of the wisdom series on Manifesting and Co-Creation.


Changeable with Dr. Amy Johnson

Moshe Gersht is the author of It’s All the Same to Me, a book about the equanimity we discover beyond our mind’s ideas of how life should go. This kind of equanimity or “sameness” is the exact opposite of dull, boring, or cookie-cutter. When we sense our shared oneness, the light in all things, as


From the Inside Out with Eda Schottenstein and Rivkah Krinsky

After performing for nearly a decade as a popular Los Angeles–based musician, Moshe moved to Jerusalem, where he has spent the last fifteen years immersed in the wellsprings of Talmud, Chassidus, Kabbalah, and Spirituality.


America Meditating Radio with Sister Jenna

Rabbi Moshe Gersht is a sought out spiritual teacher in Jerusalem and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. A student of Torah, Kaballah, and Chasidus, he shares ancient mystical and philosophical wisdom in a way that is practical, relatable, and enjoyable.


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