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Receiving The Knowing of Love: A Higher Consciousness

Knowing is everything. In fact, the Talmud says: “If knowing you have acquired, what are you lacking? If knowing you are lacking, what have you acquired? True poverty is only that of knowing.” So what is this knowing? The truth is, it’s not something that can be fully expressed in words. We try the best…

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Live With Inner Peace and Love for Life Now

What does Hishtavus mean, and why is it important? Hishtavus is related to the word Shaveh, which literally means “the same.” Thus, meaning “sameness,” “Oneness,” or “equanimity,” Hishtavus is a state of nonjudgmental awareness. You are able to totally accept reality as it is without labeling things as essentially better or worse. It is the…

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The Miracle Mindset

The Garden of Eden is known as the placewhere Adam and Eve ate from the tree of good and evil. But there was another tree in the garden, the Tree of Life, which symbolizes our authentic connection to God, Truth, and Source Energy. It is our higher consciousness. If we call living with a miracle…

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The Law of Resonance

You know those people who always seem to just have it going their way? It seems like the world is constantly conspiring and working in their favor. Those people tend to be happy, positive, and in a good mood quite a lot of the time. It is so easy to judge them and say, “Yeah,…

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