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My Story

I’ve consciously been on a spiritual journey most of my life. I grew up in Los Angeles, and my parents raised me on the heels of ancient as well as new age wisdom.


Throughout my teens I quickly found my joy and passion in writing, recording, and touring in a pop punk band. That was until I had my first “Aha” moment, a spiritual awakening, and realized I had never given any deep thought about life beyond the stage.


When I was twenty I felt compelled to make the hardest decision of my life; to leave behind my childhood dream and pursue the understanding of a deeper truth.



Being Jewish, I turned to my spiritual roots and moved to Jerusalem to study the essence of life. For over a decade I've had the blessing of connecting with some of the greatest minds, learning the treasures of profound Torah wisdom, and experiencing the light and love of Kabbalah and Chasidus.


I was absorbing all the spiritual principles, practices and anything else that helped me align with my true purpose: to be a source of love and inspiration in the world



My mission slowly came into focus, and today, all I want is to be truly helpful to you by sharing this precious wisdom of how to experience a life worth living. It's my goal to enhance your spiritual enlightenment and empower you to be the happiest and most creative version of yourself. 

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It's All The Same To Me


“The Power of Now meets the power of Torah,” says Dov Ber Cohen, author of Mastering Life. It’s All The Same To Me is a spiritual self-help guide to inner peace and love of life. Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Moshe Gersht, takes us on a journey of discovery through self-inquiry in a dialectic between the questioning voice of a seeker and his master teacher.


Although the concepts are intrinsically deep, they are conveyed in a soft and easy to read manner that keeps the reader engaged and inspired with every page. Although the book begins with the question “what is life all about?” the unfolding answer is less about delivering the authors philosophy on the meaning of life and more about revealing the keys to unlocking the peace within the reader so that you can find the answer out for yourself.


Based on the mystical Torah teachings of Kaballah and Hassidus, Gersht expresses that the underlying spiritual practice that leads to inner peace is Hishtavus – literally sameness or equanimity. The question and answer format is particularly engaging as with each answer the teacher gives, the reader often wells up with the same sort of rebuttal immediately addressed in the next question. For example, after a verbose sharing of the notion that beyond the appearance of external phenomena there exists a divine intelligence and order behind all events leading in the direction of a higher good, the follow up question addresses the apparent evil and chaos that exists as well.


In addition to being a spiritual guide, the second half of the book provides a plethora of practical exercises and portals towards stepping into the light of a deeper and more positive perspective and ultimately expanding towards a higher consciousness. The overarching message that is laced throughout the book and in fact is the secret to its’ title, is that everything in life is an expression of the same energy. There is an underlying unity that connects all people, places, and things, and there is a divine method to the madness and order to the seeming chaos.


The world is perfectly imperfect and whether you call this unifying and guiding force God, the Universe, or Energy, it’s less important what you call it and more important that you’re aware of it. It is only when we experience ourselves as separate from everything else that gives rise to feelings of fear and doubt that keep us trapped from living our best life. “Awareness is the Key,” Gersht writes at the beginning of Chapter Seven. Even if on the surface everyone and everything is different, seen from the perspective of this insight, one can begin to truly say “It’s all the same to me.”

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