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Moshe Gersht

Spiritual Teacher

TEDx Speaker

Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author 


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Today Moshe Gersht is a spiritual teacher, a Wall Street Journal & USA Today best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. But previous to that, Moshe had quite the different life, spending nearly a decade touring the United States as the singer and songwriter for a popular Los Angeles based rock band.


He has since devoted his life to seamlessly bridging the worlds of Torah and mystical wisdom with the true nature of the human mind and our collective struggles. In addition to dedicating years of study under the guidance of the world’s premier rabbi’s and wisdom teachers, he has found a niche for himself sharing his love for life, people, and spirit through speaking, teaching, and writing.

Feel Good Now

          It’s easy to get lost in the trees of achievement instead of found in the forest of fulfillment. For anyone who wants to love their life, feel at ease, and spiritually connected, Feel Good Now presents an answer. More than just another talk – this is a fully immersive joy-filled experience.

          In this 60-minute journey, Moshe shares his own heart and mind, while delivering a clear path to living a life of heightened clarity, intuition, love, joy, and peace. In addition to the talk and the exercises, the deep dive into a lively Q&A is where much of the magic happens.


          The pleasure of this timeless and universal wisdom that points to the true nature of reality and consciousness will leave the room feeling inspired, enlightened, and ready for whatever comes next.



What People Have Been Saying

"Thank you for your contribution to this field... Lots of gratitude for adding this contribution to the world's enlightenment."

                                             - Deepak Chopra, MD

"Impacting, saving, helping and enriching people's lives.”

                                            - Ryan Hollins, NBA Veteran and ESPN Sports Analyst

"Spreading this wisdom in the world for others is freaking awesome. Whether people tune in to the universe for health, or wealth, or joy, it's all the same to me.”

                                            - Bob Doyle, featured in "The Secret"

"The next level! The Power of Now meets The Power of Torah. Awesome guide to real inner work and exactly what the world needs right now.

                                            - Dov Ber Cohen, author of Mastering Life

"Moshe Gersht is sincere. It's a spiritual pleasure to engage with the wisdom of his mind and love of his heart."

                                           - David Aaron, author of Love Is My Religion

"Moshe Gersht presents a clear insight into the quality of mindful equanimity that can make all the difference between living in constant stress and living a serene life, no matter what the circumstances.”

                                          -  Akiva Tatz, author of Living Inspired





       TEDx Talk with over a quartar million views                                                Feel Good First

Honorarium: $10,000 + Expenses


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